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5 Piece SeaUsmile High-Speed Wahoo Trolling Lure Set

  • Brand: SeaUsmile Lures
  • Product Code: 5 Piece SeaUsmile High-Speed Wahoo Trolling Lure Set
  • Availability: 1000

Available Options

We recommend using a High Speed Trolling Weight and a 25ft shock leader in between the lure and weight if you want to target Wahoo with the 13oz Lures on a ruff weather day or if you plan on trolling faster then 11knts . This lure can be trolled at normal speeds as well to target billfish, Mahi, Tuna , Wahoo and many more.

We also have other options that will require No trolling weights!!!! Less chance of terminal tackle failure and/or getting your trolling weights cut off from a hungry Wahoo's teeth!! Use different size and colors and stagger the lures by weight.  Heaviest closest to the boat and lightest as far back to avoid skipping on surface while traveling at high rates of speed.

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